Friday, February 15, 2008

Does Keith Olbermann... my blog?

Ok, so I'm not so vain to think that he does, but it was surreal to watch his special comment last night and hear him say practically the same thing I wrote last week.

That whole comment by Bush, threatening to stay home rather than go on a planned trip to Africa sounded so much like "If you don't behave, I'll turn this car around right now!" How many times can he pull that terror threat?


Anonymous said...

Isn't Keith great? He's one of the only people I can stand to listen to for extended periods of time (and this includes Mr. Hot).

And hey, don't sell yourself short. I think he reads MB all the time. How else would he be so profound?

Jess said...

Is it bad that I get turned on a little when he says things that I only think about (and says them more clearly than I could)?

Anonymous said...

Bill Maher did the same thing to me and I hate that guy.