Thursday, September 20, 2007

An Open Letter To The Red Sox Organization

Dear Mr. Francona,
A 1.5 game lead? 1.5??? We had 14.5 games on the *spit* Yankees and you've pissed it all away. And listen, I know you want to give Eric Gagne a chance, but for the sake of my blood pressure, could you just not use him when the game is on the line? Don't turn into Grady Little on me.

Thank you.

With much nervousness,
Major Bedhead

Dear Mr. Farrell,
Could you please explain to me how someone of Okijima's caliber can become out of shape during the season? How is that possible? Is he scarfing down Fenway Franks on the side? Channeling Babe Ruth? Could you maybe give him a salad and start him on an exercise program?

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Sharon said...

Amen! This is giving me a frickin' heart attack.

1.5 games. Jeez.

Stepping Over the Junk said...

Yeah. I've been watching Reality TV instead, I just cant watch the baseball anymore...not now anyway

Allison said...

Times like these make me glad I have not signed an allegiance to any sports teams.


Anonymous said...

At least your teams in the running - The Toronto Blue Jays...long long drought.

Anonymous said...

Gagne hasn't been Gagne since he left here. And you can F*&%ing have Grady Little back.