Monday, September 17, 2007

Boo Update

A comment by Christine brought to my attention that I never updated the Boo situation. After a couple of days of weird blood sugars, she's been disgustingly normal ever since. I try to do a fasting check in the morning several times a week and she's been cruising in between 80 - 90 each time. I haven't been doing the two- and three-hour post prandials because she noshes all day long. She's also not wetting the bed as frequently (my washing machine is as thankful for that one as I am). She's still a little crank monster, but she is two, nearly three, and these things are the norm. Shame I couldn't blame her mercurial behaviour on something else, but alas, it's all her.

She looks so sweet and innocent, but don't be fooled.
Behind those blue eyes and that blonde hair lurks
a shrieking, weeping, wailing imp of Satan.


Cat, Galloping said...

wow, what a relief! yay!

Shannon said...

What a relief indeed.

Kendra said...


Thank goodness!

LJ said...

what a sweet angel looking girl! thankfully everything is okay!

Anonymous said...

Thank God! That's the last thing you needed with everything else on your plate.

P.S. I wasn't fooled by the gorgeousness in that picture. Anything that bee-yoo-tee-ful HAS to be bad for you. Like chocolate. Can't get enough, but my ass grows as a result.

Beck said...

That's wonderful news!
My two year old is a horrid, adorable little thing, too.

Christine said...

Woohoo! Disgustingly normal was exactly what I was hoping to hear.

Anonymous said...

Very, very, very good non-news.


Jess said...

*still snorting at Andrea's comment*

She's gorgeous, J, but you knew that!

SO glad she's okay.