Friday, August 31, 2007

I gots nuthin'

so you gets LOLcats.

Nobody expects the spanish inquisition!

My ass is being kicked by a 20 pound, grey-eyed cutie. She only wants to sleep with me. If she can't sleep with me, she'll fall asleep but then wake up and realize, hey, no mama. I must shriek my head off now. She's been sleeping in our bed. Which thrills TCBIM no end. She can't be moved into Boo's room just yet though, because... in-laws are arriving in a week, which means I will mainly be spending the Labour Day weekend cleaning my stupid house. It's not filthy, it's just cluttered. It's amazing how much paper accumulates. Where the hell does it come from? I open the mail over the trash so that all that crappe goes right into the bin. And yet I'm inundated with papers. And books. I've been trying to weed them out, but it's a chore and a half because I constantly think "I might want to read that again some day." And then the book sits there, taking up space, or worse, I do re-read them and then that pile of books, which, really, is less of a pile and more like an entire book case, starts glaring at me and muttering, "Oh sure, she reads that again, but what about us? What are we, chopped fucking liver? I swear, we should all just fall on her one of these days, that'd show her who's boss." Shaddup, books. I have a two year-old. I know who's boss.

One reassuring thing: I watched a couple of episodes of How Clean Is Your House today on BBCAmerica and doods, my house is fucking immaculate compared to those places. They were downright scary.

Also. I was thrilled to find that Cash In The Attic is still on - at 5:30 in the morning. Thank god for TiFaux. I have a thing for Alistair Appleton. I know he's gay, but damn, the man is lovely.

*sigh* And his name is Alistair. I love that name.

Iowa just became my second-favourite state.


Anonymous said...

Gay or not, he can go through my attic any day.

My kitchen table is filled with paper. If it weren't for paper I would have a clean house, I am convinced.

Jane, Pinks & Blues Girls

Sharon said...

Hee- I watch "How Clean is Your House" too, for the affirmation that I'm not that bad. I actually find myself looking around now thinking, "What would Kim say if she saw this?"

sandy shoes said...

My books are muttering at me, too. I think they're getting louder.

Naomi said...

Then there was the time when I finally did it -- I packed up the ##)(%*# books and gave them away.

They haunt me.

Anonymous said...

When you're done cleaning yours can you come do mine? Pretty please?? We allow gay marriages up here in Canada...have for sometime :) And we have same sex benefits at work.

Alex Elliot said...

I have a big pile of warmer clothes that I pulled out in excitment when it was cold for a few days here. I really should just go put them back in the basement, but if I wait long enough it will get cold and then I'll need them, right? So I'm not really being lazy...

Poppy Buxom said...

You have TOTALLY made my day by informing me that How Clean is My House is on BBC America. I love that show and wondered where it had gone.

I'm joining you in a fun-filled housecleaning Labor Day weekend, btw, because the contractors are going to rip out my kitchen and two bathrooms. So I'll be boxing up crap to get it out of their way 'Til Tuesday.*

*Inside joke.