Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Bullets Over Bedhead, part whatever in a sporadic series

  • Doods. I have such a cold. My sinuses take turns on which side will be clogged. My throat feels like I've been eating light bulbs. And I think I have an abscessed tooth because the tooth that's broken is absolutely throbbing with pain. If it's not better by tomorrow, I'm calling my doctor for antibiotics. I don't have dental insurance or the money to get this sorted. The local technical college takes people for their students to practice on, but they don't run the program in the summer. I'm in such pain that I don't even care that it will be students pawing at my mouth. Given that I am The World's Worst Patient (tm) according to my last dentist, this is some indication of the level of pain I'm experiencing.
  • The babies got this cold first and generously shared it with me. Bug is not sleeping at all. She screams the house down when I lay her down in the crib, but she doesn't want to be held, doesn't want to play on the floor or in the playpen - it's awful. She only wants me to hold her and since I feel like dried-out ass, it's not been a lot of fun. Boo has the same cold, minus the screaming thing. Her nose, however, is a river of snot. Bleurgh. I took them to the doctor today, but they don't have ear infections, just a virus. Bug's tonsils are swollen, thus the crying. The doctor tested her for strep but doesn't think it's likely. We just have to tough it out. Fantastic.
  • It is so. fucking. hot. The bank dohickey said it was 100, which is a bit high, but not by much. Thank goodness we got that pool. As soon as I'm done typing this, I'm taking everyone in. I hate this kind of weather. It sucks the life out of you. I'd be quite happy if it could be about 75 - 80. Anything hotter than that is just too hot.
  • Yesterday, as I was driving home from errands, Boo was sitting in the back seat, humming a tuneless song. Out of the blue and very conversationally, she said "Jesus god dammit." Whoops. Guess I need to make more of an effort to clean up my vocabulary.
  • I went to see the Edward Hopper exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston a couple of weeks ago. If you're in the Boston area, go. It was fantastic. I was familiar with Nighthawks, but I didn't really know any of his other work. A lot of his work was looking in windows, looking into rooms and other people's lives. Fascinating. His architectural works are terrific, too. This one, his final painting, is my favourite:

  • I can't get that bullet out of there. It's bugging me. A lot.
  • Looking at it on the computer doesn't do it any justice. I'm so not an art person - I don't know jack about it - but this picture really spoke to me, of loss and longing and finality.


Caro said...

Ouch about the tooth. And the cold just sucks. Is it an upper tooth by any chance? Because the roots of upper teeth often poke into your sinuses, the combination of a cold and a slightly aching tooth can turn into agony. You know I'd pop over to sort it out for you if I could!

I love Edward Hopper. I wonder if this is the same exhibition that was on at the Tate Modern here in London fairly recently. If it was, it was great. If it wasn't, I'll bet it was still great!

Hope you feel better soon.

Jess said...

There's a photograpy exhibit here in Halifax that brings to mind much the same feelings - rooms from abandoned houses. I'll try to find the link and send it to you.

floreksa said...

Oh, yuck on the tooth.

The heat. Its killing me. Thankfully DH lugged the AC into the bedroom last night, but we still haven't put it in downstairs, and its just ridiculously hot.

Lara said...

i'm sorry it's so warm. i can sympathize, as we're in a heat wave here, and i'm spending all day, every day in a stifling hot dance studio with no AC teaching and taking dance workshops. blech! :(

Paige said...

That's soon as I looked at the picture, I thought,"Random bullet...random bullet." I can never fix that kind of stuff on my blog.

Sorry you guys have the funk and the aches.

Chicky Chicky Baby said...

It is too damn hot. It's even too hot for swimming, if you can imagine that. Which you can because, duh, you're living with this oppressive heat too.

If not a mother... said...

Ugh for being sick WITH tooth issues!

I don't miss heat + humidity. Though the heat sometimes is enough to make me want to move to Antarctica.

Too funny about Boo's comment. (okay, okay, sorry.)

Stomper Girl said...

Why are you so sick and snotty when it's stinking hot?? That's just wrong and unfair.

Zazzy said...

I've got a brand new filling. It was much less expensive than I thought it'd be because my dentist is creative! I hope you get your tooth fixed and feel better!

polkadot said...

I like the bullet. Heat sucks. Your blog does not suck -- found it on "top mama" or whatever that is called. You're funny... and Major Bedhead? That's hilarious!

Kerri. said...

Oh your poor tooth. I am scared to pieces (no offense, Caro!) of the dentist so I feel your pain completely. Sensitive teeth are terrible.

I laughed my ass off at the comment from your little girl, though.

And if you go into the HTML code side of your blog post, you'll see something that looks like this: (li) before the (img smc) thing for your picture. Just get rid of the (li) and you should be cool. (And because comments formatting hates me, it won't let me put in the greater than/less than signs around the codes. Just replace the () with greater than, less than.)

If your whole blog post disintigrates, I can't be held responsible. I make this coding crap up as I go along.

moosh in indy. said...

I did an art museum today. The feature exhibit didn't speak to me though, it made me kinda ill. Some guy strapped a camera to the back of a cockroach and called it art.
I'm tired.