Thursday, December 01, 2005

Random Thursday

I spent an hour or so last night, reading (and crying over) this woman's blog. It's amazing. It's heartbreaking. It's powerful. Go read it.


I'm feeling a bit better. I don't know if the anti-depressants are helping or if I'm just busy and that's taking my mind off things. Whatever, I'll take it. I'm sick of feeling like shit, of trying to stay away from my family so I don't affect them with my mood, of trying not to weep all the time. I just want it to go away.


Olivia was 331 last night at 11:30. She's back to feeling low when she's not. She dropped to 60 around 9 p.m., so she had a juice and was back up to 120 in about 20 minutes. She insisted she still felt low, so I let her have a slice of bread with some cheese. I should have dosed for it, but I didn't. Thus the 331. *sigh* You'd think, after seven and a half friggin' years with this, I'd know better. I need to get more glucose tablets and just give her one when she feels like she's still low. 4 grams of carbs is much easier on her blood sugars than a 20g piece of whole wheat crunchy granola bread.

I feel terrible, too, because I didn't get up to retest her at 2 a.m.. I haven't been lately because I'm so tired all the time, but I have to start again. I need to see what's going on overnight or I won't be able to make corrections to her basal rates. I don't know what happened last night - Isobel has an ear infection and was up half the night fussing, which makes getting up one more time just that much more difficult.


I went to the doctor's the other day and my blood pressure and pulse were high. 130/92 and my pulse was right aruond 100. I wonder if this is from the Levoxyl I'm taking or if I just suddenly have developed high blood pressure. If this is what happens when you start to seriously push 40, I want off. A mulligan. A do-over. I'm not that old! High blood pressure, my big fat arse. Hmph.


For Christmas, I want one of these:

I don't even want the nice flat stomach it's on, just the device.

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