Sunday, January 31, 2010

While I'm Here

I might as well put up a post. This is going to be totally random crappe.

  • I slept in this morning. It was lo-o-o-o-o-ovely.
  • But upon firing up the laptop, I found I'd been spammed on a bunch of old blog posts. I'm thinking of disabling anonymous comments again. I don't get all that much traffic to this site anymore so I doubt it will keep anyone from leaving a comment.
  • I'm wondering if I should bother keeping this up. I don't seem to have much to say any more, unless I'm whinging about something and that gets old. I need to find something to blog about. I wonder if there are blog prompts the way there are writing prompts.
  • I have an interview at Whole Paycheck on Wednesday. I don't know which job would be more dangerous for me; that place or a book shop. Of course, if I got the job, I could maybe afford to shop there more frequently. I do love it so. Wanky cheese. Wanky chocolate. And wine. What could be better?
  • Boo starts the medication part of the behavioural study she's in on Friday. I'm of two minds about it, to be honest. Sometimes I think all she needs is a full time school program. Other times I think she needs an exorcism. Oy.
  • Did I mention I got an iTouch for Christmas? Did I mention that I lo-o-o-o-o-ove it? And that I'm totally addicted to Words With Friends? If you are too, feel free to start a game with me. I think I have about 10 going right now. Hi, my name is Major Bedhead and I'm' a Words With Friends addict. Also? A nerd.


Heidi said...

I <3 my itouch! Best thing ever! I dropped it this fall and it quit working, but I took it back to the store and they gave me a new one. I'll have to check out that game!

LJ said...

I'm looking into getting an Iphone. I'm still on the fence about that.
Good luck with Boo and all that entails to tame the wild child. ;)
Please don't give up blogging altogether, I enjoy your posts very much, even if you are whining.
Sheepishly I admit my blog posts are quite sporadic as well. Lack of things to say I guess?

Mindi Fried said...

what is this words with friends thing? It sounds like fun... I will have to look it up on my iPhone, which I heart with a purple sparkly heart passion that almost, but not quite, makes me ashamed.

And as a side note, my verification word is xionica - it sounds like either a medication for something that shouldn't be talked about in polite company, or some sort of a planet from whence superheros come.

rae ann said...

how do your comments get spammed when the word verification is turned on? i don't get it, but i'm waiting for it to happen to mine...

if you stop blogging, i'll be lost. you can't stop! go back and re-read old posts. it will help jog whatever used to make you post back then. sometimes i feel like i should only blog if something's important. in all reality, the posts that got the most comments were the ones that were about nothing but the internal workings of my head.

also, i haven't told tom yet, but i'm totally having an affair with my iTouch. love, love. gonna look up your game.

Rachel said...

not allowed to stop blogging!

and I wish I had an iPhone or something to play Words with Friends.

Unknown said...

Don't be silly. You? Stop blogging? Are you going to cut off your right arm as well? Again, I say, don't be silly.

As for Boo...she is why you need to blog. We want to know how she's doing with her exorcism. (All joking as side, I hope she does well with her testing).

Oh, and I have an iPod Touch as well. And I'm loving it!!! When I have wifi, I'll look for the game and then you'll have to tell me how I connect with you.

Magpie said...

I love my iPhone.

About the old posts getting spammed: there's a setting in blogger somewhere where you can specify that posts older than "x" need to have the comments moderated. That keeps them from getting onto the blog. I set it for 3 weeks - it helped.

Kelly at Student of the Year said...

Sometimes random is the way to go. There is always random crap to write about!

Also, I feel you on the stopping blogging thing. But don't, okay?

Beth said...

I'm jumping on the "don't stop blogging" bandwagon! Do it when you can.... and I'll bet you can do it from your iTouch. (evil chuckle)

I'm going to go steal my son's iTouch now because I luuurve word games. Can't wait to find it!

sandy shoes said...

My old posts just started getting spammed too - so I started the word verification thingy and it stopped.

I'd miss you if you didn't blog here.

Jess said...


(don't go.)

I hope the situation with Boo gets easier and WOW! Sleeping in? What's that??