Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Sticks And Stones

I got this email late last night:

Hey Major BedHead,

While sitting at (local Irish bar) last night I brought up the random subject of whether I should stop following "Major Bedhead" on twitter. To which everyone immediately said YES! It was funny because your so well known for being a super tweeter - to the point of annoyance. So I decided I will stop following you. Even though I hate un-friending anyone.

Just thought you should know why I stopped following, and how famous you are around town.

btw, Congrats on becoming a Grandma


My initial reaction was to fire off an email saying "Well that's a slap in the face, but whatever floats your boat," so that's what I did. But then I went to bed and started thinking about it.

People in town find me annoying. People who only know me via Twitter. People who I'm not even sure are following me. Nonetheless, they find me annoying.

This, of course, has fueled my paranoia that everyone I know must find me annoying. It makes me want to stay in my house and never talk to anyone again. It's going to make me second guess everything that comes out of my mouth for a while, that's for sure.

I cried about this for a while, which is pathetic. But it stung. Really stung.

This morning I woke up thinking about it. Maybe I do post too often on Twitter. I'm home with two toddlers and a 15 year old all day. For most of the time, the only adult interaction I have is with people on Twitter, so I am guilty of posting on there quite frequently during the day. I can leave the window open and pop on and off while I'm doing things around the house and make a comment or two. Sometimes people respond, sometimes they don't. I like it.

I still think the email was a shitty thing to send. Unfollow me if you want, but to tell me that you're doing it because your friends told you to and that you all find me annoying smacks of junior high school cliquishness. The person who sent the email is really involved in town improvement issues, which was something I was hoping to be able to get into, too, but if this is the way they are, I don't want to now. I tried to play that joining-in game in high school and college and failed at it because I wasn't cool enough or something. I'm too old to do that again. My self-esteem doesn't need the bruising either.

I hate this shit. I hate that my ego is so fragile that something like this sends me into a tailspin. I hate knowing that people find me annoying because that's not my intention at all. Mostly I hate that this has changed my mind about getting involved in town stuff. I was really looking forward to that. I love where I live and I was hoping to help out in some small way with the improvement efforts that are going on.

And whoever wrote that little sticks and stones ditty was full of shit. Words do hurt. A lot.


Cherise said...

That sucks! I would be a little upset! I tweet as much of nit more than you do and I could careless if anyone had an issue with it. I would be PO'd! Annoying?!? Whatever. You are awesome!!!

Ps let's be annoying together

Beck said...

I'm a total over-thinker so can relate. What bothers me most is when people do something like sending that email and seem to never think about it again. At least that's what I think, when I'm over-thinking. I'd say don't give up your dream of getting involved in your town. There are tons of volunteer opportunities, etc.

Opinionated Gifts said...

Who was it that said "If you're not annoying or pissing people off, you're doing something wrong."

That email writer is a douchebag. If you have a thought out, serious reason for unfollowing someone it might be constructive to write an email about the why. Otherwise grow up and do your thing and move on.

Fuck 'em.

LJ said...

Email sender: Asshole.
Major BedHead: Awesome!!

Allison Blass said...

OMG. What the hell?? That's like a compliment disguised as an insult. Or maybe it's the other way around... "You're so awesome I'm going to start ignoring you." What?? Who even says something like that to someone? You DON'T NEED THEM.

And yes you are a super tweeter and famous and popular. And the guy is just too immature to handle your awesomeness.

Musing Madman said...

pish posh...what is annoying about it? Seriously! I have tweet deck and there are some people I just don't scrolls fast enough I dont have to...This appears to be a problem, NOT of whether or not you are annoying but rather of whether or not they take Twitter way to damn serious...Tell them you cant possibly be annoying to somebody that obviously does not have a life! And tweet away...we love ya!

T- said...

The person that sent you that e-mail is an absolute assjacket. I mean, seriously, who does that? No one with any decency, that's who.

I would overanalyze it as well. I would be hurt, too. But in the end, you lost one douche canoe that you don't need following your life anyways.

Keep tweeting. I love them.

Unknown said...

I second what Opinionated Gifts said.

Fuck 'em.

kittenpie said...

As I tweeted you - because I LIKE you on twitter all the time! - that's stupid and only shows they are a follower of some other person's thinking, with none of their own. Why they need to email someone to tell them that, I don't know, but they are only showing their own weakness, if you ask me. that popularity game shit is for kids.

SUEB0B said...

Let me just step in and act as a surrogate mom: Honey, they're just jealous because you are smarter and prettier and funnier than they are. Don't let rude people get to you. You're so much better than they are.

Chicky Chicky Baby said...

Fuck 'em, I love you and I'm awesome.


Now say that with me - I'm AWESOME. I'M AWESOME.

Who is awesome? YOU'RE AWESOME.


Laurie said...

Oh what a fucktard! Seriously, that person is a fucktard. I would be completely hurt by that, too. What the hell kind of turd-nugget does that sort of thing? And this person is so full of dingle-berry goodness that he had to ask others what he should do? I know it's impossible not to, but try not to let him get to you. Chances are very high that he is full of the shit he's spewing and is one of those shitheads that just likes to hurt people.

rachel said...

What a twat.

Ray said...

What a jerk! What the hell do they think Twitter is for? It is for posting little tidbits, snippets of life and thoughts as they occur. Frankly that person ought to be examining whether they should use Twitter at all. I know I post very little on Twitter, but I get a lot out of the back and forth among the people I follow. I actually wish I could find more to contribute. Personally, I look forward to your tweets! Don't let them get to you!

Ricki said...

Honey, don't let him drag you down. Believe in yourself! You have so much to offer this world!

On a side note, is anyone else having problems viewing the blog? I see 3 colums and the one furthest to the right is white and blocks out part of the text in the posts.

Rock on J, seriously, there is a tiny little voice inside of you that says "I have good ideas and I'm worthy" and then there are the shouting negative voices. Tell those loud mouths to SHUT UP and listen to that little guy :)

Patois42 said...

I just went and followed you. 'Cause you're AWESOME!

art-sweet said...

Please do not allow yourself to be offended by anyone who doesn't know the difference between "you're and "your".

What an asswipe. I will bet that there are lots of people involved in town improvement that are not like him and do not like him - so I would do my best to put those horrid jr high insecurities behind me (as hard as it is) and just rock their world.

Heidi said...

WOW! That email was harsh! FWIW I totally would have cried, too.

Unknown said...

I would totally be annoyed and upset if I were you. And um, are you forcing anyone to follow and read what you write? I don't bloody think so....screw them and keep being you...

k2 said...

F that crap!

Beth said...

OK, I'm way behind, but seriously??
Don't even THINK about stopping! Some people can't stop their fingers from typing any more than they can keep their mouths from running - that doesn't mean that what spews forth in an email is of any value.

I, for one, think you are AWESOME! And you know, my opinion counts WAY more than that person's does. :)
BTW - I would be doing the same thing as you, second guessing everything and wanting to find a big hole to crawl in...but you are far too fabulous to do that! Tweet to your hearts' content.