Thursday, May 29, 2008

Donut Eating Surrender Monkeys

Have you heard about this? How fucking ridiculous can you be? I mean, seriously. Rachel RAY. Rachel "I own the rights to the word Yummo" Ray?? Promoting terrorism by wearing a keffiyeh. Which isn't really a keffiyeh, but don't tell that to Michelle "The Terrorists Are Coming, The Terrorists Are Coming" Malkin.

What a tool. And shame on Dunkin' Donuts for pulling the ad.

Do you even know what a keffiyeh is, Michelle? It's a headdress worn by Arab men. It's not a terrorist scarf. It's a useful piece of clothing - it keeps the sand out of the mouth during a sandstorm. It keeps you warm in the cold weather, keeps you cool in the heat of the desert. The US and British military is using them right now in the desert in Iraq and Afghanistan. Are they also terrorists?

By Michelle Malkin's extrapolation, we should also not wear Irish sweaters, brown shirts or anything with a red star on it.

Rachel Ray. Ready to unleash her unbearable perkiness on an unsuspecting, unprepared world.

My eyes, they roll.


Anonymous said...

I have a scarf just like that - currently part of my standard wardrobe. And guess what! I cover my bald head with it.

I can see it now. Hotfessional, terrorist extraordinaire. Not only is she wearing a keffiyeh - she's covering her freakin' head with it.

Oh, and y'know, she is 1/2 Arab.

Excuse me, someone is knocking on my door.

Jess said...

Oh, but C'MON! Doesn't she have a glint of World Domination Is Only A Yummo Away in her eye???

And now I have to go find my headache pills. I think I sprained my eye from rolling it so hard.

Dea said...

BWAHA! Ahhh, yes, I can see it now - she will unleash terror upon the world through donuts and coffee....she's too annoying, the terrorists would off her in a second.

And gotta love how ignorant people are about the keffiyeh.

They should be ashamed for pulling that. What an utter crock.

Josie said...

When I first read this I thought it was a joke.
Certain people need to stop the fear mongering and move on to what needs to be fixed.

Velma said...

As soon as I saw the name "Michelle Malkin," my blood pressure skyrocketed and I passed out. Did you read that the scarf is, in fact, a paisley pattern? Those terrorists and their PAISLEY...

Whirlwind said...

I heard that on the news the other day and couldn't believe how freakin' ridiculous it was. Shame on DD for pulling the add/

Shannon said...

I'm shaking my head in fucking amazement. I really don't have anything to say in response to something so fucking ridiculous.

Malkin "yowled". That word in the article had me laughing. That was good.

I should boycott DD for pulling the ad, LOL.

LauraJ said...

no, you spelled it wrong, people are STOOPID!!

SUEB0B said...

There are plenty of reasons I hate Rachel Ray, but the f***ing scarf isn't one of them (the fact that she encouraged people to regularly undertip on $40 a day IS).

Joke said...

Don't be naive. This is clearly proof that RR is the leader.


P.S. Color me Cold Warrior, but Red Stars on things piss me off.

Anonymous said...

When I saw the story on Good Morning America I could not believe it. It reminded me a little of old school McCarthyism.