Friday, March 14, 2008

Pi Day

Today is Pi Day.
And all you're getting is pieces.

The Red Sox released Doug Mirabelli today. I understand why - he's not batting as well as he did last season and last season he only batted a .202 - but it still sucks. I love Doug Mirabelli.

I turned the TV on for Boo this afternoon, while I washed some dishes. I had been watching MSNBC earlier and when I turned the TV on, Bush was giving a press conference. I thought I'd changed the channel, but I walked into the kitchen without checking. A few minutes later, I hear Boo yelling, "Mama! Mama, come change da channel. Dis big guy in on de tee-bee and he won't stop talking." Welcome to my nightmare, Boo. It'll be over soon.

And finally, in news that makes my liberal, lefty heart swell with maternal pride, The Bug now says "Keef" every time she sees this man on the TV screen. Ahhhhhh....


LJ said...

I love how children learn through us. Even sumblimanally (sp). She doesn't like Bush! HA!

Jess said...

Smart, SMART girls you have there. Wicked smart.

Anonymous said...

And Keef is cute, too.

Josie said...

I love how smart your kids are. How many more months before "that man" stops talking????

Whenever we go to the US for work, my fellow employees are constanting on me to keep my mouth shut. Especially our last trip to Houston :)