Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Big D, Little d, What Begins With D?

Two dLife posts and a dog update. (Sorry, my rhyming abilities suck.)

First, the two dLife posts in question. You have to read the comments on the first to understand my ire in the second post.

And now on to the dog.

I spoke with the landlady on Monday. She said the neighbours have told her that they bring the dog out of the cellar at night, that it's only down there during the day, while they're at work. I know this is bullshit because I've been down in the cellar at all hours of the evening and night and the dog is always down there. They did go down there last night and clean the floor. I haven't looked thru the space in the wall recently because every time I go downstairs, someone from next door goes down, too.

Frankly, these people make me a little nervous. I have no reason for it, but they do go to extraordinary lengths to avoid us and I don't even know their names. I have to share a building with them and I don't want to create issues. I'm not going to make so many problems with the neighbours so that I feel uncomfortable in my own house. Also, when I spoke with the landlady, she sounded less than thrilled to hear from me.

I talked to the MSPCA again and they said there really is nothing they can do. The officer said that she could knock on their door and offer to re-home the dog, but the neighbours would know it was me complaining.

I don't know what to do. I'm sure some of you will be angry, but I can't disrupt my family's life over a dog. I can't piss off my landlady to the point that she asks us to move. I just can't. I can and will keep an eye on the dog and if I see that the dog is losing weight or that the floor is not kept clean or it appears that anything at all is wrong, I will report it again.

I don't like this situation one bit.


LJ said...

do they have children? if this is how they treat thier dog i would hate to see the rest of the home.

Chicky Chicky Baby said...

I completely understand that you're concerned about the well being of your family first. That's the way it should be. And if these people are sending up red flags to you, you should listen to yourself. You've alerted the proper authorities which is a lot more than some would do.

Anonymous said...

You tried. Sorry the system let you down. There's no way for that animal to escape in the event of an emergency being chained.

BTW, we NEVER log...except maybe 3 days prior to an endo appointment. Our kid's diabetes is well cared for and we do what we can. It's a relentless disease. If we can get the bolus for meals, correct for highs and lows and come in with a reasonable A1C, we think we're doing a pretty good job 24/7/365. Many people obsessively log and never look at the log to make changes. What good would that do? We as parents have to pick our battles. No one asked that jerk to judge you either.

Zazzy said...

I hate that kind of thing but you tried to do the right thing. A lot of areas have no animal abuse laws, which still just shocks me. Our neighbor has an unknown quantity of outside cats - and she is always heartbroken when one is killed on the road or eaten by local wildlife. Meanwhile, they all remain essentially feral.

Angewl said...

You tried, J. There's nothing more you could do.
It would concern me that they go downstairs every time you do.

Does the dog bark a lot? If he barks at night, then that could be a noise ordinance issue.

Thank you for caring. (I'm speaking for the doggie, since he can't tell you himself)

Shannon said...

Sometimes you can't save everything from mistreatment. And that is frustrating and sad.

But, you did what you could within your power.

Other than offering to take the dog, what else can you do? You know?

Anonymous said...

Those sounnd like some truly frightening people to be sharing a building with.

Lea said...

Sounds like your landlady isn't making property care her first priority, but hey as long as she's getting rent, right?
I'm sorry you're stuck in this conflict- heartbreaking doesn't even cover it. You do have a family to care for, and they do take priority.
Why oh why can't they be "normal" neighbors?? The people across the street from us are avoiders, too. It's strange.

Anonymous said...

Another slacker mom/nonlogger here. I was always scrupulous about it until I got sick last year and it's just one of those things that's fallen by the wayside. It sucks and I know it, but for fucksake, something sometimes has to give.

You are a terrific mother and your love for your children shines through your posts. You were very gracious towards the nasty commenters. I think I would probably have hunted them down and shot them.

Not really; I only have a BB gun. But you know what I mean.

Anonymous said...

Ah MB, no one is going to dislike you for not putting you and your family at risk.

Some people are jerks. Plain and simple. And it's unfortunate that they have animals. Hell, it's unfortunate that they have children.

Paige said...

This whole situation blows. It is horrible to have to feel nervous in your own home and helpless about something that you are witness to everyday. I'm sorry. I hope something gives.