Sunday, October 07, 2007

I Almost Feel Bad

but only almost.

The Angels are about to get swept. They keep bringing in new pitchers and we keep scoring. Seven runs in the top of the 8th alone.... The commentators on TBS have really drunk the Red Sox Kool-Aid, too. They just rave and rave about them. I don't think our own guys are even that biased.

In other news, Joe Torre's going to lose his job if the Indians win tonight. As much as I hate the *spit* Yankees, I like Joe Torre. He seems like a solid guy and anyone who can put up with George Steinbrenner for so long has got to have nerves of steel.

Edited to add: Yep, Sox swept. Sorry, SueBob.


If not a mother... said...

:( Cubs.
:) Rockies.

floreksa said...

I suppose trading my game 5 tickets for a sweep is a fair deal ;)

SUEB0B said...

It is okay (she said remarkably graciously considering the circumstances). My heart could not have stood an Angels/Dbacks series.

Unknown said...

I swear, your page is cursed! Even with this polka-dotted page, it just took ages to load. Odd!

BTW, love the vacuum decor. My sis once dressed up a vacuum and put it in the backyard of the place she was nannying at, claiming it was stolen and dressed up by a random thief (True story!). Nutty

sandy shoes said...

Funny vacuum!

Long time loading again - did something just get added to the sidebar in the last couple days? Anything change?

I think it was fine Saturday, then stuck Sunday... or maybe fine Friday, stuck Saturday. I dunno.

Anonymous said...

Excellent! I can post comments now! I prefer this tenmplate to the other one, it's more work-friendly. :o)

I thought that pic was Boo trying to vacuum in a big shirt but it's even creepier than that. :D

Anonymous said...

Here is the problem with the Angels - their stupid new name.

The Los Angeles Angeles of Anaheim. THAT CANNOT EXIST. YOU CANNOT BE IN TWO PLACES AT ONCE! That would be like the Florida Marlins of Maryland. Stupidity!

Vent over. Off soapbox.