Friday, October 05, 2007

A Big Thank You

I got 48 49 comments on de-lurk day, which just blew me away. Thanks, everyone that commented. It was lovely. I'm going to call that one a success.

And now on to the random crappe.

Today is MUCH better than yesterday. Much. Boo's not doing her Regan imitation any more and I don't feel like consuming beverages out of craniums. It's all good.

I have a review of Peyton Place, of all books, up over at New England Mamas. Have you ever read it? I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I'm taking O shopping in town tomorrow. She wants to go to Faces, Deals and Steals and to Steve & Barry's for jeans. We'll probably go for pizza and possibly for desserts at La Fiorentina. TCBIM is staying home with the Shriek Sisters. I can't wait.


Shannon said...

That sounds like a really nice weekend! You deserve it for sure.

Joke said...

Miss the Tiki Tony template, thought you oughta know.


LJ said...

Lol the Shreik sisters! lol!
have a fun day with your eldest daughter one on one. That sounds wonderful!!

Angewl said...

I hope you two have a wonderful day! You deserve it!

Anonymous said...

Hope you and O have a great day. I love shopping with my big girl - who is, sadly, impossibly fussy to buy for - but we have fun as long as I keep my expectations low!

Unknown said...

49 sounds like a record! Awesome.
Your last post made me laugh, and it sounds like you're going to have a great day with O. That sounds so nice. I hope you enjoy it together! I always wished my mom would do that with me when I was a teen.

Major Bedhead said...

Joke - I miss it, too, but it was so slow to load.