Thursday, July 26, 2007

No More Bat Boy!

Where will I get the latest news of Bat Boy?

Who else could have discovered that Abe Lincoln was a woman?

Who's going to run the Saddam/Osama gay wedding stories now?

This is probably why they're shutting down. They found out the truth.

It's the end of an era.


Anonymous said...

I love coming across these at the hairdressers....only time I feel *ok* reading them.

The Dick Cheney thing was true though, right?

Zazzy said...

Hmmmm. I always suspected there was something about Cheney. Everything seems so clear now.

Angewl said...

What will I read standing in line at the grocery store now??

Carey said...

Oh, is this one of those "which one is true?" games?

I pick Cheney. Definitely Cheney.

Anonymous said...

OK the Cheney thing does seem totally realistic. -snort- But Saddam's head totally doesn't work with that body. I mean, maybe the paper would have survived if it had better Photoshoppers.

Beck said...

Shutting down! That's awful, in a strange way.
I love how completely and cheerfully honest the writers are about making everything up. And I loved how it was the only newspaper worth reading in The Men in Black.

Jess said...

But what will take its' place?

Will they hire Bat Boy?

George said...

This is about the worst news. ever.

I LOVED the WWN! I remember how they covered the story of the Demon that broke out of the 10 Freeway following the Northridge Earthquake. I mean, HELLO? A Crack in the Earth just opened a path from Hell to L.A. and the West Side EVEN!!! HELLO???

This paper will be sorely missed here at the Simmons household.

Suzanne said...

Super Des and I are laughing and laughing. Excellent analysis of the sad situation.