Friday, July 20, 2007

More Olbermann Love

I feel like standing and cheering every time I hear one of these.

I even have my oldest daughter watching these special comments.


sandy shoes said...

"utter blinkard idiocy" ... excellent.

Thank God for Olbermann. His stuff makes me want to cheer, too.

Anonymous said...

K.O. is brilliant. Thank heaven for him. All members of my household DID stand up and cheer the night Keith delivered this epistle--we cried a bit, too.

(This is my first time visiting your fab bloggy. I come to you by way of B&P. I'll be back for [lots] more).

And I see that I'm your 4,000th visitor. Do I get something for that?

Major Bedhead said...

Thanks for stopping by, bogglemort.

Do I have a visitor thingummy on here? Can you tell I pay a lot of attention to the crappe in my sidebar?

You win my undying gratitude. :D

PunditMom said...

You can't have him -- he's mine! ;)

Anonymous said...

I watched it 3x - he's brilliant...KO for President!

BTW, I carry the keychain from

544 days, 13 hours 12 minutes and a few seconds left....


Everydaytreats said...

Keith O. is my pretend anchorman boyfriend.