Friday, October 02, 2009


Oh hi. I didn't realize it had been 30 days since I last posted. Blame this guy. He keeps egging me on.

Anyway, an update: the drinking thing has tapered off. I don't do it every night, like I was doing. When I do drink, I keep track of how much I've had and I stop when I get that buzzy, fuzzy feeling and I go to bed or switch to water. I feel much more in control. I'm not going to over analyze that right now - I have a lot going on and I don't feel so overwhelmed by the need for a drink, so at the moment, I think I'm good. That may change. It may not. We shall see.

But the wrath thing. This is one of the seven deadly sins, no? Not that I believe in religion but I've been listening to my friends' podcast and they've been covering those sins on there. Their most recent one covers wrath.

And oh mah holy hell, do I feel some wrath lately.

Some of it is at my husband. I've covered this before, the not doing what he says he's going to do, the staying out until all hours of the night a couple of nights a week, the complete and utter lack of help around the house. I'm sort of done with bitching about that. I'm still pissed as hell, but I feel like it's been well and truly covered here.

No, my most recent wrath is directed at our politicians. I am totally pissed off about the lack of the public option in the latest health care bill. I watched Keith Olbermann last night (10-1) and was sputtering with rage when I heard about the Baucus amendment to the bill, allowing fines and/or jail time for anyone who doesn't get health insurance. Does he have any idea what it costs to get health insurance on your own? We pay over $1000 a month out of my husband's paycheck to have health insurance. Buying it on our own would cost exponentially more - $18,000 a year was the last figure I got. We can no longer see O's endocrinologist in Boston because they won't cover her. I pay $100 a month for her insulin and $70 a month for my medications. My therapist isn't covered at all, so I pay that completely out of pocket and my therapist, whom I love, has tried time and time again to get on my insurance. I'm not going to switch therapists.

And now they want to fine people???? What the fucking fuck? Really? Do they think this is going to help anyone?

What is so bad about a public option? What's so horrible about Medicaid? I fill a ton of prescriptions at the pharmacy for people on Medicaid. They are getting top of the line drugs for nothing or for a $4 co-pay. These aren't generic drugs, either. They are brand name drugs sometimes.

Why can't this be available to everyone? Why must this continue this way? Why are our elected officials more beholden to the insurance industry than they are to their constituents? We elect them. Shouldn't they be listening to us?

Senator Boehner says he's never heard of one person who wants the public option. I need his address so I can give him a piece of my wrath-filled mind.


Rachel said...

it is insanity that I HAVE to pay my full co-pay for my generic thyroid medication instead of the cheaper cost ($4/month) at some pharmacies. I present my insurance card for the happy pills, so they have to use it for the thyroid pills too. Ugh. Yes, I can afford it, but it's just messed up.

Been very out of touch on news the past couple weeks so I had no idea that the latest was no public option. phooey poo.

Laurie said...

Ugh, I'm disgusted with the lack of a public option, too. It's really sad that they can throw around misleading words like "socialized medicine" and erase the whole point of the health care changes. We're another family who is stuck in the middle. Health insurance is not an option at our business (we don't have enough employees for a group rate) and we cannot afford the monthly premium for it so we pay all our medical care out-of-pocket. I can't even get the damn surgery on my wrist until I save up the ten grand or so to get it done...though I could forgo anesthesia and save a grand. What a choice...our health, reduced to dollars. Nice.

Ree said...

I'm sorry to say I have stopped listening to the arguments completely because my head exploded all over the place one night and it was far too hard to put it back together.

Opinionated Gifts said...

I am so happy you finally started up again. And good for you!

This public option debacle is maddening. Wrath is the least of what these scumbags deserve.

Keep it up! I love reading you.

Patois42 said...

Like Ree, my head exploded, too. The insurance I pay for our family of five -- $1,500 per month -- didn't cover the doctor putting the brain bag into the skull so I'm just kind of stuck.

Glad you're feeling good on the drinking.

Anonymous said...

Hey, it's Deb, call me... I can get you some insulin. Why did I feel like a drug dealer when I just typed that? lol. Anyway, I order a lot and don't always use it. So I can get you a few bottles if it helps:)