Thursday, February 09, 2006


I'm a meme-creator's wet dream....and I'm too bloody exhausted to post anything resembling coherency.

List seven songs you are into right now. No matter what the genre, whether they have words, or even if they’re any good, but they must be songs you’re really enjoying now. Post these instructions in your blog along with your seven songs. Then tag seven other people to see what they’re listening to.

Possibilities - Herbie Hancock & John Meyer. It's poppy, jazzy stuff and it just makes me smile.

Don't Wait Too Long - Madeleine Peyroux. Fantastic stuff. I swore it was Billy Holiday the first time I heard her sing.

New York State Of Mind / Scenes From An Italian Restaurant - Billy Joel. I'm kind of cheating by putting both of these in one spot, but I love both of them a lot and they both just epitomize New York City to me.

The Sick Bed of Cuchulainn - The Pogues. If you aren't a fan or don't know the Pogues, it's impossible to explain their appeal. This is one of their best songs and I always have it on hand, in the car and at home, to blast forth when necessary.

Somewhere Over The Rainbow/What A Wonderful World - Israel Kamakawiwoole. Gorgeous intpretation of two great songs.

Lush Life - Nat King Cole. Lost, lonely, boozey torch song in D flat major.

Rhapsody In Blue - George Gershwin. I just love it. No reason, really, it's just something that makes me smile every time I hear it.

You can play along, or not, as you please. I'm not going to tag anyone in particular.


Shannon said...

I bought Israel Kamakawiwoole's CD just so I could listen to those songs. I first heard it on a dot-com commercial for kids' toys a bunch of years back.

I love Scene from an Italian Restaurant as well. It's my absolute favorite Billy Joel song. It reminds me of so many of my high school friends and how their lives turned out.

Anonymous said...

Oh, your list is sooooo much better than mine! The Israel Kamakawiwoole ones in particular are big favorites of mine.

Kassie said...

Julia, just had to check back in with you and tell you that my husband remembers Grant from Louisiana :)

Major Bedhead said...

Kassie - no way! That's too cool. He was so cute and such a nice guy. He used to hunt alligator. He sent me a picture of himself once, with one he'd caught. This New England girl thought that was very, very odd.

Sandra Miller said...

A "meme-creator's wet dream..."

Even when you're "bloody exhausted" you are damn funny, woman.

And, oh yes, Rhapsody In Blue... a personal favorite as well.

As much as I hate to hear music I love being used to shill product, could never bring myself to surf past those old United Airlines commercials.

Gershwin was probably rollin' in his grave.

BabelBabe said...

julia - OT, and i couldn't find an email for you - but the Give Peas a Chance sleeper was a gift. sorry. i know other people whose kids have them.

probably came from the same company that made his "I can't read" onesie, and my friend andrea's son's "Ate my dreidel" onesie...

Ellen said...

I always loved that version of Somewhere Over The Rainbow but never knew the performer. THANKS!

Last week while driving in the car with my daughter I heard Billy Stewart singing "Summertime". It blew my socks off. Are you familiar with his version? You can get to a clip through this website that takes you to Amazon

Anonymous said...

OK, Julia - it's not just Jessica you're twinning :)

I think I own most of what you just mentioned (though my favorite "Lush Life" is Coltrane's.

Hey - it's not THAT warm here yet, but there's a beach nearby. I'm sure DH wouldn't mind playing cabana boy for you. Always room at this inn.