Sunday, October 05, 2008

My Not-So-Guilty Pleasures

I like to pretend that I have a modicum of hipness when it comes to music. I love The Killers, I'm into They Might Be Giants. I like Ben Folds (sorry, Ms. Pru) and Rufus Wainwright and other not-so-well-known bands.

But some of my musical preferences are downright old-fashioned. Or just plain odd. Witness:

I love this man. Love. Him.

I used to sing this stuff in high school. For real, live people. And loved it.

(Sorry for the lack of an actual video here - the live versions all sucked.)

And I know this was a tv theme song, but the show was brilliant and the song even more so.

And finally:

If you ever have a chance to go see Great Big Sea, go. They are fantastic in concert. Fanfuckingtastic. (Just the other day, while I was putting things away out of one of the random boxes of junque that had yet to be unpacked, I ran across the bones I stole off the stage when I was at their show at Avalon.)


Sharon said...

Oh, such excellent taste. I've been a Great Big Sea-bee for what, 11 years now? Ever since I was in a pub in Cape Breton while visiting my cousins and heard "Goin' Up"- I made my ex go ask the DJ who it was and that was that. The only other band I've ever been a real travel-anywhere-within-reason-to-see groupie for was Moxy Fruvous, which coincidentally had as a member Murray Foster, the current GBS bassist. LOVED THEM. MISS THEM.

Also, for more great a capella...

I played the hell out of their "One Size Fits All" cassette.

Anonymous said...

I'm old - 51 :-).I just saw The Killers for the first time on SNL this past weekend and LOVED the song Human. But I'm afraid I don't understand the song. Would you mind explaining it? And what does he mean by dancer?


MsPrufrock said...

You lost me at Rockapella and Manhattan Transferm, but I'm completely cool with Nat King Cole and Great Big Sea. As far as old-fashioned music goes, I have a fondness for big band music and 50s/60s music. There is no shame in that!