Thursday, January 24, 2008

Don't Make Me Turn This Car Around

"Mom, she hit me."

"Did not."

"Did too."

"Mom, he's being mean about me."

"Am not!"

"Are too!

"Stop touching me!

"No, you stop touching me!"

"Ok, you two! Knock it off right now or we won't go one foot further. I'll turn this car around and we'll go home."

My interpretation of the recent debate and subsequent speeches given by Clinton and Obama. Seriously, doods. Cut the shit. I hate that crap. Grow up, suck it up and stop taking these petty, stupid swipes at each other. It's not making either of you look smart or like you're the candidate for change - which, by the way, I'm going to puke if I have to hear one. more. time. It's making you look petty and small and like every other politician out there. If there's one thing that doesn't epitomize change, it's these stupid, juvenile squabbles.

I'm starting to think about giving my vote to Edwards. I really can't stand to listen to much more of this crap. It's bugging the hell out of me that Bill Clinton is doing a lot of the sound bites. I can understand him campaigning for his wife - that's his right. But to continually smear Obama somehow diminishes him. He was the president. Maybe I'm being naive, but somehow, it seems a president should be above that type of campaigning. Bill Clinton is such a wonderful and persuasive speaker, I don't think he needs to sink to those levels.

I hope to hell this stops soon. I can't take another couple of months of this crap. I already listen to this from a couple of toddlers every day. I don't want to turn on the TV and see it there, too.

(In a total aside, did you see that Johnny Damon endorsed Rudy Giuliani? Way to jump on to another sinking ship, there, Johnny boy.)

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sandy shoes said...

Johnny who? He's a pundit now?

elizasmom said...


Your characterization is spot-on. And Clinton the Prez isn't doing Hillary any favors — he sounds unhinged half the time, and BITTER. Not qualities I really enjoy.

As for voting, well, I was actually thinking about voting in the Republican primary so I could vote for McCain (I'm registered indie). At this rate, the Dems are going to pull off the impossible and manage to lose to the Republicans again, so we'd better make sure the Republican nominee isn't one of the totally batshit ones.

George said...

My mom would have taken off one of her "flip flops" and smacked them in the face!

Maybe someone needs to do that!

Life As I Know It said...

Johnny Damon endorsed Rudy?!?

TSM Oregon said...

Funny how politicians and children have so much in common when you get them together.

Not funny HA HA, but funny sad.

SUEB0B said...

I understand completely.

BandK said...

Hi there! Thanks for leaving a post on my blog! Yes, I confess -- I have been a lurker on your site for awhile now. Forgive me?!? And you are so right -- I found you through Bean and Sprout. And I found Bean and Sprout because they are related to a friend of mine. It's a small world, eh?

I enjoy your blog a lot -- our politics are different, but I love the way you express yourself! Especially this post about the childish way the politicians behave!! Love it!

And I think your blog layout is way cool, too!! Thanks for the compliment on mine. I LOVE the ocean and wish I could live there. Maybe someday....

Thanks again for the comment! It's always fun to find new friends. And I hope you don't mind me linking to your site without asking! :-)

HVS said...

politicians, they're all(well,most of them) cut from the same cloth. One half is blue, one half is red. And the middle is magenta.

You're right, mudslinging is hardly an attractive trait in either party.

Kelly said...

Honestly, I've started tuning it all out. I just cannot stand one more minute of the kind of bickering you so aptly described in your post: it reminds me of my own kids, and how sometimes in the middle of their scuffle, I just want to hide my head in my hands and cry.

Quit it, Dems!!

Sarah said...

Too bad Dennis Kucinich dropped out....