Sunday, May 13, 2007

The last straw

I hate Mother's Day.

O gave me a very cute mug that she'd made in school. It's blue and it has a fish on it and it's just the thing that you want to get from your kid. I love stuff like that. But from TCBIM? Nada, zip, zilch, zero. Not even a card. Yesterday he decided that he was going to go visit his friend Mark, an hour east of here, so that they could go to hockey this morning. So he left around 6 p.m., leaving me to feed, bathe and put to bed two very cranky children who had been traipsing around Boston all day.

So today was pretty much like every other day. I got woken up at 5 a.m. by the Bug. I did manage to get her to doze until 6:15, but then she was done, no more cuddling, mum! Up! Out! Breakfast! Boo heard her and woke up. I brewed a big pot of coffee. I did laundry. I cleaned up the kitchen. I did laundry. I made a fruit salad. I did laundry. TCBIM? Played hockey AND golf.

I don't want gifts. I just want a card and a thank you. Maybe a cup of coffee brought to me after I've slept in a bit. That's all. It's not much.

So I've decided that next year, I'm leaving early on Saturday morning, the day before Mother's Day, and I'm going to Boston. I'm getting a hotel room at a nice hotel, someplace with big bathrooms and comfy beds. I'll bring a couple of books and a couple of bottles of wine with me. I'll go to the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum and sit and soak up the art. I'll have tea at the Ritz. I'll go up to my room and drink some wine, look out over the city, read my book, have a soak in the tub and sleep. And sleep and sleep and sleep.

The next day, I'll sleep in. I'll order room service breakfast and eat it while reading The Globe. I'll head out around noon and wander thru the North End. I'll get a cannoli at Mike's and find a good place to eat lunch. I'll probably find a bookshop at some point and I'll buy whatever strikes my fancy. I'll head home around 7 p.m., after everyone has gone to bed.

I won't answer my cell phone. I won't think about kids or husbands or anything except me, me, me. I'm going to do what I want, when I want to do it.

I'm probably going to institute this plan for my birthday as well. If TCBIM isn't going to make any effort for me, then I'll make it for myself and he can stay home and deal with everyone else.


SUEB0B said...

1. Something is seriously messed up in your blog template.

2. Yesterday on the plane I almost confronted a guy whose wife asked him to watch the 2 kids on this leg of the flight. She said "I have entertained them for the past 3 flights. Can you sit with them this time?" He said he would think about it if there were empty seats and he could move around (he couldn't switch seats with HER??). Once the flight got going and there were empty seats, he moved to a row behind her, where he not only didn't have to entertain the kids but he could stretch out and read his trashy lawyer crime novel. I was pissed but decided it was Not My Place.

3) Maybe TCBIM is one of those guys who believes "Well, you're not MY mother" which seriously sucks. Perhaps he needs enlightenment.

Major Bedhead said...

The template looks ok to me. Does it always do that or is it just right now?

I think I would have ostentatiously offered to help her with the kids. The guy sounds like an asshole.

Well, next year, when I'm not here, maybe he'll be enlightened. It's sad but I'm starting to get used to this shit.

LJ said...

that sounds like a great plan! only I'd execute it much sooner than a year from now. honey, you deserve goddammit! that boy i swear, i swear!

Anonymous said...

why wait till next year? how about next *weekend*? seriously.

btw, i've learned to ask for what i want. i issued several reminders and requests for a card in the weeks leading up to yesterday. :)

Shannon said...

I vote for going away next weekend and don't give him prior warning. Just go and do it!!

I'm so sorry you didn't have a relaxing Mother's Day or even help from recovering from Boston!

Anonymous said...

Even better than waiting to next year or next weekend .... Try June 17th! Give a little taste back on Father's Day!!!!

Christina said...

I agree with jokee75 - take Father's Day off. Tell him that since he thinks Mother's Day is your day to be with the kids, Father's Day is his day to be with them while you go on vacation.

motherbumper said...

I'm with jokee75, I'd hit Beantown on Father's Day and leave him with the reasons he has a Father's Day.

I'm sorry you had that kind of Mother's Day because that just sucks.

Jamie said...

I'm sorry you had such a shit Mother's Day.

I agree with the others (fabulous idea!!) - go on Father's Day :) Give him a taste of his own medicine. You deserve and NEED a break!

floreksa said...

Oh, yes! Father's Day, sounds just about perfect!!!

Make the plans now, just tell him you're going the weekend of June 17th and don't ever once mention that its Father's Day. Let him figure it out the Friday before you leave!

Lara said...

good for you for taking care of your own needs (well, planning to next year, anyway). you deserve some time to yourself, and if he won't give it to you, go ahead and take it for yourself. i'm wishing you a happy mother's day, and i hope you feel loved by your kids. that's what's important, i think.

Angewl said...

I love the Fathers Day idea!!

I am sorry you had such a crappy day!


Major Bedhead said...

Nah, I need a year to save up the money. Do you know how much it costs to stay at the Ritz? Waaaaaay more than $99 a night. If I'm gonna do this, I'm gonna do it right.

Mamma Sarah said...

If you have to take a year to save up... do it for mother's AND father's day next year. :-) This year I would schedule a massage/pedicure/hair-do appointment and beat it out of the house. Go visit a friend, just run away like he obviously did. That totally sucks.

Joke said...

I'm with Jokee75.

And the Ritz is down, innit?

Just go on and find whatever 4-star hotel (Parker House? Park Plaza?) for chump change and just GO.

After all, if *I* can score 4-star digs in Boston on zero-notice for $79/night, you can too.