Monday, April 02, 2007


Well, that sucked.


Sharon said...


I have GOT to get the MLB package on cable so I can watch the games on NESN.

Joke said...

Are you thinking it might be another 86 years?

Not that I'm a Sox fan, but I don't know if mankind can handle another Buckner episode.


Major Bedhead said...

Sharon - you need to update your blog! I keep checking... nothing.

joke - dood. Don't say the B word on my blog. That game is burned into my brain. I've tried everything to expunge it, but it's still there, replaying itself in some hideous, endless loop. And if it's another 86 years, I'm gonna be DEAD. What good is that gonna do me? Huh? HUH? None, that's what.

Sharon said...

Julia- Done!

Do you still remember exactly where you were for the B incident? I was at a Halloween party at the Speakeasy in Portsmouth, and nobody was dancing because they had all the big TV's tuned to the game. The celebrating had already commenced. Until.

Major Bedhead said...

Sharon - yep, I was in college. The Mets fans went nuts. Us, not so much.