Monday, December 28, 2009

Oh, Canada

So we've spent a week in northern Alberta, freezing our asses off and visiting the in-laws. For the most part it was nice. A little dull, but when you're 300 miles north of Edmonton, there's not a lot to do, really. The girls had a good time, though, and That Canadian Boy I Married's parents were thrilled to bits to see us.

I do have a beef to pick with Canada as a country.

I saw a lot of cool things on the endless drive back to Edmonton.

A wolf. Running along the side of the road. Very cool. I wish The Bug hadn't puked all over my camera - I would have loved to have a picture of it.

And a guy running a dogsled. Also on the side of the highway. Very cool, in a good-god-I-wouldn't-do-that-in-a-million-years sort of way.

I've also seen a baby black bear.

I saw horses and magpies and oil rigs and lots and lots of snow.

But in all my trips to the Great White North, I have yet to see this:

And believe me, I've looked.

What the hell, Canada? I think you're lying about the moose. You don't really have any, you just say you do so Yanks like me will keep coming up there, hoping for their own Northern Exposure experience.


Rachel said...

I've seen Montana.

Glad the girls saw their grandparents, especially if it meant you getting a bit of a break :)

Twenty Four At Heart said...

If it makes you feel better, I've never seen ANY of those animals except for bear. We do, however, have seals and dolphins in Orange County! : )

Ricki said...

You do know Northern Exposure was filmed in Washington, right? :) I drive by the town when we go thru the pass, beautiful country.

Maggie said...

You need to go to Newfoundland. They're everywhere. When I lived in small town Newfoundland, we had a bear cage around our playground (we lived on a road with just 6 houses in the middle of nowhere) and had moose and bears coming right up to the houses!

kittenpie said...

Did you at least see elk? If you didn't see elk, I think YOU are lying about being in Alberta, frankly.

Amy @ Taste Like Crazy said...

Meese are mean creatures.

I read a dog musher's account from one of the Iditarod races where a angry momma moose killed five of his dogs.

And that sucks about your camera.

And is it mooses or meese? Both sound so incredibly wrong.

Josie said...

You have to go East to see them everywhere. They have moose crossing signs and everything.
Glad the kidlets had fun but next time, get the Husband to drop you in Burlington and we'll do fun stuff