Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Second Verse, Same As The First

Hey, look! A blog post.

Wake up around 6:30.

Stumble downstairs and make a pot of industrial strength coffee.

Dress the Shriek Sisters.

Move dry clothes to a basket, move wet clothes to the dryer, put in another load of laundry.

Mediate fight #1 between the Shriek Sisters.

Fold the dry clothes.

Think about taking a shower.

Brush teeth.

Try to unclog the bathroom sink that I've been after the husband to fix for the last couple of weeks.

Mediate fight #2 between the Shriek Sisters.

Take the trash to the curb that the husband forgot to take when he left at 7 a.m..

Take the recycling to the curb that the husband forgot to take when he left at 7 a.m..

Mediate fight #3 between the Shriek Sisters.

Find the socks that the Shriek Sisters lost in one of their fights.

Find shoes for the Shriek Sisters.

Sign permission slip for O's trip next week.

Find money for O's trip next week.

Find jackets for the Shriek Sisters.

Pour industrial strength coffee into the only travel mug the husband hasn't swiped. He hasn't swiped it because it's hot pink. It was my only defense.

Load the Shriek Sisters into their car seats.

Drive O to school. Drink industrial strength coffee. Curse stoplights. Answer 8.7 million questions from the Shriek Sisters.

Come back home.

Feed the Shriek Sisters breakfast.

Feed the dog and cat.

Move dry clothes to basket, move wet clothes to dryer, put in another load of laundry.

Wash a few dishes.

Mediate fight #4 between the Shriek Sisters.

Vacuum up the Cheerios that the Shriek Sisters flung at each other during fight #4.

And it's only 8:15 a.m..

My days continue like this, with small variations, every single day. It's mind numbing in its tedium and I feel like it's sucking what little brain power I have left. And I wonder why I can't find anything to blog about any more. This is it, this is what I have going on right now. I'm busy, busy, busy but I have nothing going on. Nothing of interest, anyway.

I'm getting to the point of fantasizing about quiet places, places where no one asks me anything, where no one needs me for anything, where I can do whatever I want, whenever I want. Not for forever, just for a couple of days. I told my husband the other night that my ideal vacation right now would involve a hotel room with a big bath tub, a comfortable bed and a stack of books. I would sleep and read and make the occasional foray out for food and a bit of a walk around and that would be it.

I really need a break. Or something. I'm spending too much time wishing too many things away, wishing that the girls were in school full time, wishing that I could get a full-time job during the day so that I wasn't sitting here, feeling guilty about the state of things here, the chaos and the mess and the boredom. I know that things will be different in a couple of years and then I'll probably miss some of this time that I have at home with them, but right now, while I'm in it, I'm having trouble seeing the end of it. It's disheartening, to say the least.


Opinionated Gifts said...

You're right on all counts. It's an assload you're dealing with. Try to break away from the guilt though. You're doing the best you can...and your blogs don't suck.

Patois42 said...

I have to note, first, that I read the first reference of "Shriek Sisters" as "Shrek" so I was imagining ogre-like creatures. I think the visualization was just about the same.

No words of encouragement to give you. Beyond, of course, don't beat yourself up too much. Now, go play with those ogres of yours!

Green-Eyed Momster said...

Didn't I send you some Nerve Tonic or Rescue Remedy? Give them some and take some yourself!

When my kids fought, I'd separate them and give them time outs! That was peaceful! Nothing made my kids more mad! He he he! I thought it was a win-win situation!!

It flies by, really!

Just wait until they start driving. That's when the fun begins...(rolling my eyes!)


Sarahtoo said...

Oh, I totally get this! It *does* get better, eventually, I'm told, but since I'm not home full-time, I really can't say. Just remind yourself that you're doing the hardest job there is, and figure out a way to get that alone time! You can do this!

MsPicketToYou said...

Did I write this in my head four years ago and you just plucked it out?

I am not going to tell you that wishing it were all over is a waste of time (which it is) or a sad thing to do because you'll miss it all someday (you might not). Instead, I will tell you that the future comes. Despite everything, it comes.

I don't remember much of the 3 under five except for all these old women telling me how great it was and I should cherish "every minute." And how much I wanted to punch them or someone when they said that.

I will tell you that nothing you are feeling is new to me at least. And I will remind you: the future. It looms. Take faith in that.

Jill said...

That sounds like the perfect vacation to me, too! Hell, I have a big bathtub and a stack of books at my house and I can't even find time to enjoy them! Hang in there! Summer is almost here and you can send them all outside so you can't hear them shrieking anymore :-)

sandy shoes said...

Oh, the fighting. I know.

Sometimes "summer's coming!" fills me with dread.

I do love me a nice hotel...

Stomper Girl said...

I think your hotel room fantasy with the bath and the books and the quiet sounds just about perfect. And my kids are out of that early childhood whole lotta work stage. Everyone needs time off! You shouldn't berate yourself for wanting it.

And as Miss Picket says, it will get easier! Truly. So hang in there.

Rich Monsoon said...

you need a vacation. You are a good mom and you deal with a lot.
Even a weekend away for yourself.
I am glad he still hasn't stolen the mug.
If it helps any, I love ya like a big sister :)

Unknown said...
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kittenpie said...

God, do I hear you. It's endlesss, thankless, and repetetive - it wears you down. Another load of laundry needs washing ALREADY?! How did the counter get full of dishes in just one day? I am getting to the point of really looking forward to going back to work, though I can see being wistful when that gets crazy about spending time at home, too... Every once in a while I turn to Misterpie and say, "13 more years for one, 18 for the other, right?"